The Goodwin Group began because it is fun, productive, and satisfying to help people do good for others. Our structure, philosophy, and approach are designed to make a substantive difference in the success of those with whom we partner. We keep our clients’ interests front and center at all times and are responsive, fair, and flexible. Most importantly, we get results.

The Goodwin Group’s senior consultants have decades of expertise in a breadth of advancement disciplines, including recruitment. Our expertise allows us to offer several levels of depth beyond what generalists may know on many fundraising and friend-raising topics. Our shared values and experience have helped arts and cultural organizations, small colleges, large universities, national and international secondary schools, and social service agencies enhance their fundraising programs and fulfill their visions.

We are teachers as much as fundraisers. We strive to build internal capacity and expertise when consulting, which leverages our clients’ fundraising investments. While we maintain long-term relationships with our clients, our definition of success is when we no longer are needed for a specific purpose.  

We make a point of learning and then respecting individual client missions and cultures, and we customize our engagements accordingly.  We really listen–from the problems and issues first identified, to reactions to the solutions we propose. We are diligent in setting realistic goals and expectations, then delivering upon our promises. Once your mission, vision, opportunities, and challenges are internalized by Group members, the ultimate destination and what it will take to get there becomes clear to all.

Effective fundraising goes far beyond asking for money. It is a process, not an event, and ensuring a substantial return on your fundraising investment requires knowing and deploying best philanthropic practices. The Goodwin Group process stresses partnership, authenticity, candor, and the hard work needed to deliver results. When working with us, returns will be amplified to the degree that your fundraising goals are derived from strategic vision, and your staff and volunteer leadership assume responsibility for success.



We work very closely with you and your organization to ensure a successful plan, tailored to your particular needs.